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It is no fun needing an attorney. In fact, if you are like many of clients almost the last thing you want to do is pay large legal bills or be involved in complex issues. We understand. So we do it a little differently.

First, we are problem solvers. That means we want to use best technique we can for your particular problem.

Second, we listen. We want to understand what is important to you. We educate you about what you need to consider.

Third, we care. And that means we want to get involved earlier rather than later. In fact, as soon as you call, we want to roll up our sleeves and start getting our hands dirty. Resolution of the dispute is always our goal. And we have three ways to make that happen: negotiation, collaboration and litigation. The earlier we get involved, the more opportunity we have to use the most cost effective technique for your case.

Sometimes, litigation cannot be avoided. A lawsuit can be scary, frustrating and expensive. But remember we do it a little differently.

Litigation starts when disputes cannot be resolved. Those disputes can range from challenging bad debt collections to shareholder disputes concerning actions by public company management. Our extensive experience with lawsuits and negotiation work to our clients’ benefit. We understand the process and try to anticipate our opponent’s next move.

We don’t follow a formula. Our goal is to avoid huge legal bills. Instead we want to make you comfortable with the process, knowledgeable about your options, and involved in the outcome.

We are here. Ready to help you with any dispute you have. If you have a dispute (or want to prevent one from arising), call us so that we can discuss your options. We will listen and, help you make the best decision about next steps.

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