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Business is busy and challenging. Disputes are disruptive and expensive.

We understand. We strive to help you overcome disputes and restore efficiency to your business. We will help you balance your strategic business goals with the realities of litigation. Our goal is to resolve disputes with minimum disruption and expense.

Call us sooner rather than later. We want to be able to use all of our techniques – negotiation, collaboration and if necessary litigation. Don’t wait until a lawsuit is inevitable. Pick up the phone and consult with us when the problem first arises.

We want to be your advocate, your advisor, and your counselor. If possible, we want to help you efficiently and cheaply resolve a dispute.

We want to help you find the best strategic approach to your dispute. We want to find the approach that keeps your company productive and lets you focus on what is important.

It’s a mistake to expect everyone to act reasonably. If you’re embroiled in a dispute with someone unreasonable and litigation is unavoidable, we have the experience and the ability to get you the best possible outcome. That means that we are practical, efficient, work within your budget, and get you the very best result.

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